Our Mission

Fashion Meets Tradition

Prayer beads are among the most ancient and universal of spiritual traditions. They are also a mystery. We do not know for certain when they were first used, or even where, though it was almost certainly somewhere in India. Some say the tradition began in the eighth century BCE, while others say the ancient Wall Paintings of Thera in Greece include what appears to be a string of prayer beads, and they date all the way back to the seventeenth century BCE. One thing is certain: the japa malas of Hindus and Buddhists, the Misbaha of Islam, the Catholic rosary—these are all variations of a spiritual practice dating back thousands of years.

Prakazita draws from and honors this tradition, while merging it with a sense of style and fashion. Our designs encapsulate classic elegance, ranging from brightly colored bracelets calling forth joy and energy to earth-toned malas encouraging mindful serenity.

In all our creations, we seek to honor the past, celebrate the present, and embrace the future.

Our values

the pursuit of excellence

The spiritual seeker and the artist share an insatiable desire for growth. In life’s journey, they do not sit by the wayside, but travel the little-known roads as well as the highways, the rugged trails as well as the beaten paths. At Prakazita, we believe in striving always to be better, as people and as artists. We seek out new ways to create beauty and harmony in our world.

Quality First

We pay careful attention to detail, lavishing attention on every item we create. Our founder and artist personally selects natural gemstones for her creations, often sourcing them in person to ensure they are of the highest quality. Every mala, necklace, and bracelet we sell is handcrafted with love and intention.

We stand behind the quality of our jewelry, offering a one year free, no-questions-asked repair policy on all items we make.[1]

Building Community

We believe that a business is about more than a bottom line. That we play a key role in our community and in our world. We seek to create lasting connections with people around the world, inspiring their creativity and passion with our own.

Encouraging Individuality

Prakazita’s philosophy holds that jewelry should reflect the spirit of the individual—and every individual is unique. Each of our pieces is handmade, and no two are quite alike. We also specialize in custom design, working together with our customers to produce pieces that reflect their unique personalities, needs, and desires.

Promoting Well-Being

With the creation of each piece, we strive to foster health and well-being. There are many anecdotal accounts of gemstones and crystals being used to facilitate meditation and healing. Whether you wish to use our jewelry as part of a spiritual practice or simply as a fashion accessory, we hope it will add to your health and happiness.

[1]This does not apply to rings, as these are not made by Prakazita.


A Note from Zita

Hello, and welcome to my crazy world of gemstones, crystals, and unique creations!

I was born in Hungary, and I now live in beautiful Setúbal, Portugal, where I create these beautiful, healing, and powerful pieces of jewelry. It is the passion that drives me every day. ( I moved here from the USA in June 2019, after spending half of my life there….long story, but a great one;) )

It’s hard for me to believe now, but when I started on this journey, I never thought I’d end up creating jewelry, let alone making a business of it. All I wanted to do was repair a few gemstone bracelets my best friend had given me years ago. I sat down at my kitchen table and repaired four or five of them in one sitting. The next day, I saw the pictures my friend had posted online of new gemstone bracelets she’d made that very same day. We’d never discussed this desire within us—we just started to do the same thing, thousands of miles apart.

That afternoon woke a sleeping desire within me. I started to dream up designs and shop for stones, and the next thing I knew, I had a whole collection. I began to make my own bracelets, and later, to make malas. More and more friends asked me to make bracelets for them. Finally, I decided to make the leap and open an online store to share my creations with the world.

I love gemstones! I am fascinated by their amazing properties, healing energies, and intrinsic beauty. I’m so in love with them, sometimes I think it’s an addiction—the best and healthiest of addictions!

My other loves include nature, yoga, and languages. I am an avid traveler, exploring the world and seeking out a deeper understanding of other peoples and cultures. In addition to handcrafting jewelry, I’ve taken all the photos for this site, as well as designing the site itself. I never stop looking for opportunities to learn new things.

My passion and dedication—and really, the fun I have creating—lie at the heart of this business, and they are a part of every piece I make. I hope you will find in my creations the same joy I have experienced in making them.