What My Customers Have to Say

"I've always been drawn to these beautiful pieces, since I started learning and practicing yoga. I've also been just as terrified to actually pick one myself. Feeling that I would just know when I stumbled upon one. It's been 16yrs and i was still waiting! I am so blessed to also be surrounded by very talented, inspiring, kind, loving people who have left beautiful impressions in my life. @prakazita is one of these amazing beings. I've a few of her bracelets, and I finally felt confident and comfortable enough to ask her to make me a #mala , one that she felt that I could wear, that she thought would reflect parts of who I am, and this piece is what came of that 😍 I am so in love, I had chilly bumps the second I saw it. She is so thorough, she made sure I also knew the exact beads and what they represent! I am over the moon, and will be charging it with our next full moon. Just in time to send me on my next adventure! Zita I adore you! For those of you looking for a custom piece or something to add to your collection look up @prakazita at Prakazita.com or catch her at her booth she will be vending @vegasgoneyoga @vegasgoneyoga"
@knoxyj* m a l a *

"I'm so fortunate to have such incredibly talented & inspiring students. Zita has created & handmade me a beautiful and meaning Mala, specially with me in mind. It's the Yin/Yang Mala. It's in a predominately made of Jasper which is known as the "supreme nurture". See this and many more of her beautiful creations @prakazita . Thank you so much Zita this holds a special place in my heart."


"I truly love Zita's creations. She makes every bracelet herself and each bracelet comes with a literature of the individual powers of each stone. It also comes with instructions on how to spiritually cleanse the bracelet in order to recharge it. Ever since I started wearing her bracelets, I've felt more balanced and have more positive energy. A must for people who are going through a lot of stress or just for seeking overall wellness and health being."

"I bought a beautiful mala bracelet for the heart chakra from Zita and quickly asked her to make a custom throat chakra bracelet. She took such good care making sure it was just right for me. The stones have such soft flowing energy and it is the highest quality. Thank you Zita!"
Rebekah Huff Wilcken

"I ordered two bracelets and they are beautiful, very well made. Pretty packaging and very fast shipping . I would definitely recommend purchasing from Pratazita."
Edel Starkin O'Toole

"These malas are taken to another level! I literally want to buy everyone I love one but I can’t afford it right now. The quality is soooo good! You won’t be disappointed and you will return for more!"
Jami Isaiah

"Absolutely great quality and unique beautiful bracelets and malas. I use my bracelets every day and have had them for a while now and they still look and feel amazing! My mala is brand new and absolutely love how it represents my birth stone. Will only shop at Prakazita!"
Dulce Vero

"I love the jewelry created by Prakazita. Everything is created with love, care, and very good vibe!"
Arlete Beatriz Bevilaqua

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